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Sunmaster Warm Deluxe lamps offer a red ehanced spectrum that is closer to HPS for flowering or all around plant growth with a metal halided ballast. If you can only use one lamp for your entire plants life this is a great choice.

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Online Price : $98.96

Store Price : $109.96

  400 Watt Base Up
  400 Watt Horizontal
  1000 Watt Base Up
  1000 Watt Horizontal

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The Warm Deluxe are manufactured in either vertical or horizontal orientation. Please choose according to the fixture you will be using. 

Proper lighting is a key ingredient in promoting robust, healthy growth as well as meeting the needs of various plant growth phases through optimized spectral outputs. Sunmaster® provides the largest, most comprehensive supply of HID lamps specifically tailored for the hydroponic and horticultural industries. Simply stated, Sunmaster® lamps deliver intense light output with nutritional spectral values.

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