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2-part base nutrient for soil growers. Price includes A and B bottles.

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House & Garden Soil A&B are base nutrients which contain an extremely precise formula of minerals. Soil A&B nutrients are designed specifically for use with plants grown in soil.


The special composition of the nutrient solution leaves the water reservoir pure and keeps it fresh. At the same time it provides an excellent balanced nutrient ensuring optimal absorption at the root zone while delivering maximum growth potential.


Success Through Design


House & Garden Soil A&B base nutrients are composed of liquid nutrients and trace elements and contain no bulking agents, which make the transfer from the root zone to the plant more efficient. Soil A&B base nutrients are formulated using the purest high-quality nutrients that are available on the market including, Eddha-Fe, humic and fulvic acid.


Humic and fulvic acid facilitate the uptake and transportation of nutrients which promotes healthy plant growth and increases the absorption capacity of the root zone. Uniquely composed nutrients for soil ensure that the soil and the nutrients are used to their full potential. House & Garden Soil A&B is an excellent solution and a great basis for a successful harvest.


For Best Results


House & Garden Soil A&B contains calcium and is designed to be used in soil that does NOT contain lime. Lime breaks down into calcium over time in the soil adding extra calcium which may disrupt the balance of nutrients. Use Soil A&B to ensure maximum results in soil every time.


Mix Rates


At full strength, Soil nutrients will only need to be mixed at a maximum rate of 5mL / litre.


Product Tip


For enhanced results, House & Garden Soil A&B is recommended for use with House & Garden Algen Extract. Extremely accelerated growth rates are achievable when these 2 products are used in conjunction with in a soil media.

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