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MLC 16D MLC-16 ligting controller allows you to run up to 16 1000W HID lights off a single circuit (in this case 80 amps). The dual trigger cable allows for two different cycles of lighting.

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The MLC-16D and MLC-16Da represent the latest in large scale lighting control. They are the best devices for controlling two sets of 8 lights, each with separate timings. You run 80 amp, 240 volt power to the MLC, and have the ability to control 8 outlets with one trigger cord and 8 outlets with the other. Plug the trigger cords into standard timers, and when trigger cords receive power, the lights will turn on. The MLC-16D features sixteen standard 240 volt style (NEMA 6-15) outlets to plug in your ballasts. The MLC-16Da has 120 volt style (NEMA 5-15) outlets, which allows for running your ballasts at 240 volts without having to change out your ballast power cords. The MLC-16D and MLC-16Da contains 4 banks of 4 lights. Each bank of 4 lights is protected by a 20 amp circuit breaker. The MLC-16D's AND MLC-16Da's are rated for 80 amps @ 240 volts. ALWAYS CONSULT AN ELECTRICIAN BEFORE ORDERING.

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