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Genesis Compound is genuine biodynamic compost born on a certified organic farm using only the finest ingredients. It is created in whisky barrels that are buried under mature trees for up to a year as the Earth breathes IN & OUT though the seasons and is harvested according to celestial rhythms.

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Many have used the word biodynamic, but few undertake the conscious intention necessary to experience its consequences. Traditionally used on farms, this magical material is now available to the home gardener. 

Genesis Compound can be used as a compost tea inoculant, a soil/hydroponic amendment, or as a field spray. As little as 1 tablespoon potentized in a Vortex Brewer is sufficient for an entire acre of land. 

Genesis Compound is the perfect union between biological potential and mineral balance. It is a representation of premium humus. Humus is the lifeblood of the soil and the potential energy of a living compost tea solution, chock full of the myriad trophic levels of beneficial biology of maximum diversity. In Latin, humus means “earth” and gives rise to the adjective “humble”.

When utilizing Genesis Compound as a compost tea inoculant, we recommend using with TONIC and the Vortex Brewer system in order to maximize potentization, however, Genesis Compound can be used with custom compost tea brewing systems or any compost tea system on the market. 

Genesis Compound is screened for maximum solubility and is designed to be utilized without filters so that there is maximum communication between the food sources, the microbes, and the life force innate within. It is recommended to use a pump bag to ensure proper delivery of solution when using with drip emitters. 

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