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Azos is a nitrogen fixing bacteria that can provide much of the nitrogen your plant needs through fixing atomoshperic nitrogen in the root zone where your plants can readily absorb it. Available in 12oz size.

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Azos (Azospirillum brasilense) is a naturally occuring bacteria that lives symbiotically with your plant. Applied only once, Azos will live for the life of your plant fixating nitrogen, producing a natural growth hormone  IAA (Indole-3-Acetic-Acid) and increasing root structure. Azos works best with Mykos, as both Azos and Mykos work symbiotically with each other as well as with the plant.

Key Benefits Provided by Azos:

Extract Nitrogen Fom the Air and Feed It to Your Plants

Accelerate and Extend Root System Growth (up to 300%)

Increase Disease, Drought, and Stress Tolerance

Give Plants the Ability to Thrive in Nutrient Poor Soils

Quickly-Inoculate for Immediate Results (Comparable to a Tea)

Increase Resistance to Root Shock

Eliminate Nitrogen Leaching Into Groundwater (No more algae blooms and dead zones)

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